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63. Troubleshooting guide for Two-factor authentication
NOTE: In order to take advantage of two-factor authentication, it's essential to have a valid phone number and a device that's capable of receiving text messages.

This practical guide will help you deal with the common issues using Two-factor authentication:

I do not receive a security code

If you do not receive a security code within a reasonable time (more than 15 min), click on the link Can't receive code?. You will receive a list of instructions on how to proceed.

I've lost my phone/Trusted device

If for some reason you have lost your phone or a trusted device, please follow these steps:
  • Change your account password from Settings > Change Password
  • Open my.pCloud > Settings > Security and remove any linked devices you find suspicious from the Logged devicespanel
  • Reset Two-factor authentication from my.pCloud > Settings > Security

I received an SMS code, but I haven't decided to log in my pCloud account

pCloud will send you a Security code only if you (or someone else) enters the correct email address and password for your account. If you ever receive a security code via SMS when you weren't trying to open your pCloud account, it's possible that someone else is trying to access your files.

Someone else may know your login credentials if you have:

  • shared them with others
  • a password that's easy-to-guess
  • the same password for another service that has been breached
Follow these steps to make sure your account is protected:
  • Change the password of your pCloud account.
  • Change the password of the email address you've registered with pCloud
  • Remove any suspicious devices linked to your pCloud account. Go to my.pCloud > Settings > Security > Logged devices

Note: For security reasons, when you open your Security settings, you will have to re-enter your password.

If you still have doubts about the security of your account, contact us

I am in an area with no cell service/ I am travelling abroad and my phone can't receive text messages

Choose one of these options:
  • Link pCloud with another device you're using. That way, you will receive your Security code as a system notification
  • Set the device you're using as Trusted, by clicking on the Trust this device button when you log in
  • Use a Recovery code to get quick access