Your privacy options
pCloud requires some information from you in order for us to deliver a quality features and to help us improve our service.
Here are some options you have regarding the information you provide us with:
1. Email address
The email address is a mandatory attribute when setting up your pCloud account and is used as a unique identification upon login. You can, however, change your email address at any given moment from Account settings.
We may send you marketing content about our Sites, Services, products. You can opt out of these marketing communications we send by following the instructions in the emails you receive. If you have an Account with us, you can also adjust your communication preferences in your Account settings .
Note: We will send communications to you that are required or necessary to send to Users of our Services, notifications that contain important information about the status of your account and other communications that you request from us. You may not opt out of receiving these communications, as long as you are using the service, but you will stop receiving it once you deactivate your account.
2. Phone number
You may choose to enable two-factor authentication for your account and we will need your phone number in order to send you a security code as an SMS. You can change your phone number at any moment from your Account settings.
Upon deactivating two-factor authentication, your phone number will be erased from our data base.
3. Your name and country (for invoicing)
You can change your name and/or country from Account settings.
4. Cookies
You may have options available to manage your cookies preferences. For example, your browser or internet device may allow you delete, disable, or block certain cookies and other tracking technologies. You can learn more by visiting You may choose to enable these options, but doing so may prevent you from using many of the core features and functions available on a Service or Site.
5. Third party accounts
When you create backups, import contacts or register with Facebook, you connect your pCloud account with other 3rd party platforms. We may receive different information about you when this connection is made, but non of the features related to this connection are mandatory and you may choose not to link your pCloud account. If you do so anyway, refer to the privacy notice that governs the third-party platform for more information on the choices you may have. You can also manage your 3rd party accounts from Linked Accounts.
Managing your Personal Information with us
You control the personal data you share with us. You can access or rectify this data at any time. You can also deactivate your account. Please note, to help protect your privacy and maintain security, we take steps to verify your identity before granting you access to your personal information or complying with deletion, portability, or other related requests. Consequently, we may ask you for proof of account ownership and/or identity before fulfilling your request. We will comply with such requests to the extent required by applicable law..
If you don't agree with how we handle your information and wish to withhold your consent, you can do so by closing your pCloud account from Account settings > 'Delete Your Account'. For up to 30 days after closing your account, your personal information and files will be permanently deleted from the pCloud servers.
For other claims regarding your personal information and privacy, contact us at Please note, that at the moment our support is available only in these languages: English, French, German. Filing multiple claims may be subject to a fee, not exceeding 10 GBP.