General Help Center (77)

4. Can I share a file or folders?
With pCloud sharing is easy and simple. You have instant access to all of your files! Easily share your favourite stuff with anyone, anywhere. There are 3 ways to do that:
  • Share download links to files and folders – Create a link to files or folders in your pCloud account and quickly share with friends your personal content – photos, docs and videos. Even if they don't have their own pCloud account, they can see and download your stuff.
  • Use the "Invite to a folder" option – You can invite other people to your folders so you can collaborate with them on any of your files. Note that you control who can Edit and/or View anything from your personal cloud storage and the recipient must be a user of pCloud.
  • Share upload links to your folders – The best and easiest way for users to send files online. Provide them with upload link to your personal cloud space where they can upload their stuff for you. Your folder, their content.
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