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4. Can I share a file or folders?
Sharing large files is easy and simple with pCloud. You can choose among several file sharing options:
  • Shared links - send files to friends and family by generating a link. Your recipients will get an instant preview from their browser, even if they don't have a pCloud account. For extra security, you can protect your links with a password or set an expiration date.
  • File requests - collect files from other people directly to your pCloud account. Your recipients will be able to upload files without getting access to any of your files. Everything will be organized in one place for your convenience.
  • Direct links - share files/folders with others, directly. The Public folder is a special folder in your account you can use to generate direct download links, host static HTML websites and embed images.
  • Invite to folder - share private folders with other pCloud users. Control the levels of access by setting "View" or "Edit" permissions. Once the users accept your invitation, they will be ready to start collaborating with you.