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67. How to enable Branding for my shared links?

At the moment, you can enable Branding only from my.pCloud (desktop view). There are a couple of ways you can brand your shared links:

From the Branding section in my.pCloud:

  1. Go to Shared > Links > Branding
  2. Click "Set up". You'll be redirected to the page with a list of all your Download links
  3. Choose a Download link and click "Add"
  4. Personalize your Download link and click "Save"

When you create a shared link:

  1. Select a file/folder and click Share > Share link
  2. When the link menu appears, click "Branding"
  3. Personalize your link and click "Save"

Note: In both cases, the branding you choose (cover, title image, headline, description) will apply for that particular link only.