File Versioning

pCloud storess versions of your files for specific period of time, so don't worry if you need to find a previous version of your work. It is all available for you. Dig into the actions you have performed and easily keep track of all your activities in the cloud.


This option allows you to preview your file edits and restore previous versions, if necessary. You can access Revisions from my.pCloud.com by selecting a file and opening the more options menu (the three horizontal dots). File versions are kept for 15 days for Free and 30 days for Premium/Premium Plus/Lifetime users.


pCloud Rewind helps you go back in time and see all of the previous versions of your digital collection from 15 days (Free) to 30 days (Premium/Premium Plus/Lifetime) days back in the past. Browse through your account at a specific time and date in the past and restore or download all of your non-encrypted files or accidentally removed shared content.

Extended File History

With Extended File History*, you can record all file changes in your account for up to 365 days and easily recover data within a year of deletion or edit.

*EFH becomes effective from the date of purchase.