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56. What is the Public Folder?
The Public Folder is a special folder in your pCloud's file structure, which allows you to create Direct links to files and folders. It works like a file server for static content, but without having to run a file server on your home computer.

You will not have the Public Folder by default in your account. Instead, you need to enable it from the sub-section Public, located in Files section in the left menu. As a Premium feature, the Public Folder is included in all Premium and Business plans.

How does the Public Folder work?

Every file and folder, placed in the Public Folder, has its own direct link.
  • A Direct link to a folder will visualize its content in a default index page, unless there is a proper HTML-formatted text file in it (refer to the paragraph 'Hosting a static HTML website' below).
  • A Direct link to a file triggers a download action or a preview of the file in the web browser, depending on the file type. (refer to the paragraph 'Direct links to files' below).
To get a Direct link, simply click Share and then Get Link to any selected file or folder. The link will be copied to the clipboard.

What can I use the Public Folder for?

  • Hosting a static HTML website
  • To use pCloud as a hosting solution for your website, simply put HTML-formatted text files and linked graphics in the Public Folder (or in a sub-folder). Click Share and Copy Link on the main directory, where your site's resources are. This will copy the index' URL to the clipboard and you can preview your website.

    Optionally, you can add your own Error 404 html page to the website. Otherwise, pCloud's default Error 404 page will be shown, when content is not accessible.

  • Embed an image
  • To simplify image embedding, when clicking Share to an image in the Public Folder, aside of Get Link, there is an additional option Embed. It will copy the direct link of the image to the clipboard along with an embed code. This way you can directly paste it in any existing code, forum, etc.

  • Direct links to files
  • You can copy a direct link to any file in your Public Folder. A Direct link to a file triggers a download action or a preview of the file in the web browser, depending on the file type. For example, most web browsers support PDF preview, so when you click a direct link to a PDF file it will open in the browser. Other file types like, say, archives, will be downloaded upon a click.

    You can create a Direct link to а folder, including the Public Folder itself. On click it will open a public directory, where all of the folder's contents are listed.

How to stop a Direct link?

Since each file receives its own Direct link once placed inside the Public Folder, all you have to do to stop the Direct link is to remove the file from the Public Folder. If you want to stop your entire Public Folder, go to sub-section Public and click Disable button. This will stop all Direct links at once and your Public Folder will be converted to regular one.

Security notice:

Every file placed inside the Public Folder, receives its own URL and thus becomes public. Be cautious with the content you add in the Public Folder, as the URLs, although not very easy to guess, can still be accessed by third parties. Use the Public Folder only for content you intend to showcase to the world wide web.