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61. What is two-factor authentication?
Two-factor authentication gives your account extra security by asking you to provide an additional code when logging in to pCloud. That way, even if someone finds your password, they still won't be able to access your pCloud account.

How it works

With two-factor authentication, you can access your pCloud account only on trusted devices. Whenever you want to log in from a browser or device that is not secure, you will need to provide a security code, along with your login credentials. The code will be sent as a text message (SMS) to your phone, or as a notification if you already have a device with a logged pCloud account.

Trusted devices

Upon each login with two-factor authentication, you have the option to mark the current device as trusted, i.e. you will not be asked for a security code on this device for the next 30 days.

Security code

The security code will be sent to you automatically upon login.

Recovery code

When you set up two-factor authentication, you will receive 10 one-time recovery codes. You can use them whenever you have issues accessing your pCloud account with two-factor authentication (e.g. when your phone isn't around or you have no devices logged in pCloud).

You can view and download your recovery codes from the two-factor authentication settings in pCloud. It is important that you store these codes somewhere safe, should you need them to access pCloud. A recovery code can be used only once.

If you have used all your recovery codes or you suspect that they have been compromised, you can reset them at any time from the two-factor authentication settings.