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33. How do I use pCloud Drive via the context menu?
pCloud Drive works even through the context menu of operating system. To use it, simply locate a folder in your system and right-click on it. You will see the following options: Copy to pCloud Sync and Sync to pCloud. If you click the Copy to pCloud Sync, the folder will automatically be added for synchronization in one of your synced folders. If you choose the Sync to pCloud option, this folder will be synced in an instant as an individual folder. You can also add individual files for synchronization by right-clicking on them. The Copy to pCloud Sync option will appear and you can add the file to the pCloud Sync folder.
You need to be aware that when used within the virtual drive of pCloud, other context menu options apply. Those are: Offline Access (Sync) and Share. If you choose the Offline Access option for a folder, located within your virtual drive, you are automatically sent to the Sync section of your drive, where you need to specify synchronization direction and destination folder for this sync. When you are done, click the Confirm New Syncs button at the bottom. If you choose the Share option, the Shares tab of your pCloud Drive opens and you are prompted to enter the email address of the person you are sharing your folder with.