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24. How do I create a new share?

There are two options to share files and folders from pCloud Drive: Invite to folder and Share link.

  • Share Link - the easiest way to share large files with users, even if they don't have a pCloud account. Shared links allow anyone who has access, to view and download the files inside. These links are dynamic, so they will always show the latest version of the files you share.
  • Invite to folder - allows you to share folders with other pCloud users. You can control the level of access these users get, by assigning permissions.

For Windows and MacOS:

  • Open pCloud Drive
  • Right-click the file or folder that you want to share and choose Share
  • Choose how you would like to share your content and you're done!

For Linux:

In order to share a link:

  • Open the Preferences menu and go to Shared > Links
  • Click Share link and select one of both options: Share link (for files) or Share link (for folders)

In order to invite someone to a shared folder:

  • Open the Preferences menu and go to Shares > My shares
  • Click Invite to folder
  • Enter the email address of your recipient and select access level: View, Edit or Manage
  • Finish by clicking Share. Once your recipient accepts the invitation, you're ready to start collaborating.