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9. How can I get more space?
Here are some easy and quick ways to get more space:
Upgrade your account: if you need more space, you can go Premium and subscribe to pCloud plans, available with 500GB and 2 TB space.
To upgrade your Free account to a Premium one, you need to click the Get More Space button located on the bottom left, above your space progress bar. If you click it, you will be redirected to a new page where you will see the pCloud Premium plans - 500GB and 1TB. Choose the desired plan.
  • Premium 500 GB – yearly subscription for $47.88
  • Premium 500 GB – monthly subscription for $4.99
  • Premium Plus 2 TB – yearly subscription for $95.88
  • Premium Plus 2 TB – monthly subscription for $9.99

*Keep in mind that pricing depends on your billing country. Prices apply in GBP for the UK (United Kingdom) and EUR for countries in the EU (European Union)..

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