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10. How do I share folders with other users?
It's easy to share folders with anyone, even if they don't have a pCloud account:
  • Open and log in your account
  • Mark a folder and click "Share"
You'll see two options: Share Link and Invite to folder
  • Invite to folder - allows you to share the folder with other pCloud users. You can control the level of access by setting "View", "Edit" or "Manage" (pCloud Business only) permissions. Once the users you invite, accept your invitation, you are ready to start collaborating with them.
  • Share Link - the easiest way to share large files with users, even if they don't have a pCloud account. Shared links allow anyone who has access, to view and download the files inside. These links are dynamic, so they will always show the latest version of the files you share. For extra security, you can protect shared links with a password or set an expiration date. When you share a link to a folder, you can allow other pCloud users to upload files to this folder from the link, by turning on the Upload option from the settings of the link.