Unlimited Capabilities

If you have been into cloud storage for some time, you have probably encountered multiple limitations, such as limited file size for the data you are uploading to the cloud, or limited upload and download speeds. At pCloud, we are proud to point out that we provide our users with unlimited capabilities for their data!

Unlimited File Size

With pCloud you can upload any type of files, regardless of their size, directly to your account. You can even store your HD video collections in the cloud. Most of the other cloud storage services impose serious limitations, especially when it comes to uploading files in web. This is one of the top reasons pCloud is just for you!

Unlimited Upload and Download Speed

The file upload and download only depend on the speed, achievable by your Internet provider. When you use pCloud Drive, the synchronization speeds can by specifically limited by you, if you wish so. The web platform and the apps do not, in any way, limit your upload or download speeds, regardless of whether you are Free or Premium user.