Mobile devices and computers often break or get stolen, so personal and business users need to make sure their important files are backed up all of the time. Through data synchronization and backup, pCloud guarantees the required safety for your valuable files.


With pCloud you can instantly synchronize your files between the cloud storage platform and your multiple devices and computers. The files that you upload to the web platform will appear on any other devices you use with pCloud, and vice versa. The pCloud desktop application - pCloud Drive - performs such file synchronization automatically, once you set certain parameters for syncing data between your computer and the web platform.


Backup all of your precious photos and videos from your mobile device in just one click. Simply turn the Automatic Upload feature ON and your mobile media will be uploaded to your pCloud account. File backup is also performed through the pCloud desktop client - pCloud Drive. It automatically backs up selectable folders from your computer to the cloud. Using it, you will have no more worries about any issues that may occur with your PC, since all of your important files will reside safely in the cloud.

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