Release Notes


1.23.02 (18/04/2018) | Download
Loading your account in background: you no longer have to wait for your account to load while stuck in the app.
Upload and download in background: all downloads and uploads, including Automatic Upload, are run in background as well. You will be notified when they are completed.
pCloud uses native pickers: you can now import and export files from other apps as well.
Bug fixes and optimizations

1.22.02 (22/02/2018) | Download
pCloud becomes part of your system accounts.
Now everyone can use 'Free device storage' option, not just Premium users!
Automatic Upload works way more seamlessly!
Uploads and downloads are faster.
Many bug fixes and optimizations.

1.21.01 (13/12/2017) | Download
Bug fixes and optimizations.

1.21.00 (01/12/2017) | Download
You can now purchase our Lifetime plans from the app as well
You can set preferences for notifications and emails you receive from pCloud
The bug, where some of you couldn't preview their images, is now fixed
Other bug fixes and optimizations

1.20.4 (07/11/2017) | Download
Bug fixes and optimizations.

1.20.3 (01/11/2017) | Download
Bug fixes and optimizations

1.20.2 (26/10/2017) | Download
Bug fixes and optimizations.

1.20.01 (06/10/2017) | Download
Bug fixes and optimisations.

1.20.0 (06/10/2017) | Download
You can now download multiple files at once.
View usage statistics for your download links.
Export files to 3rd party apps seamlessly.
Fixed an issue causing the slow account loading.
Added a potential fix for auto uploads which are stuck with waiting for wi-fi status.
Various bug fixes and improvements.

1.19.01 (04/08/2017) | Download
Our update with the most under-the-hood fixes so far!
Your account now loads and syncs up to 10 times faster;
You can save and preview files from Download links directly in your pCloud app;
Increased performance and reduced overall resource usage;
Bug fixes and optimizations.

1.18.01 (29/06/2017) | Download
Small but necessary fixes.

1.17.02 (18/04/2017) | Download
Bug fixes and optimizations.

1.17.01 (22/03/2017) | Download
Bug fixes and optimisations.

1.17.00 (06/03/2017) | Download
You can now log in the app using your Facebook account!
Fixed somе bugs

1.16.03 (07/02/2017) | Download
Fixed Automatic Upload startup issue experienced by some Android 7 users.
Other optimisations and bug fixes.

1.16.02 (12/01/2017) | Download
Crash upon starting the app is now fixed.
We've added sorting options for your photos, videos and documents filters!

1.16.01 (10/01/2017) | Download
The annoying bug which prevented some users to load the entire content of their account is now fixed!
We've made some other bug fixes and stability improvements as well.

1.16.0 (10/01/2017) | Download
We completely redid our Automatic Upload functionality and fixed most of the major issues you had with it!
You can now select whether to switch Automatic Upload on for photos, videos or both, all content, or just on newly created photos/videos.
You can free space on your device by deleting all photos and videos uploaded by Automatic upload!
We fixed an issue where some users' accounts didn't load properly.

1.15.03 (10/01/2017) | Download
Fixed a problem which some users experienced while loading their account.

1.15.02 (10/01/2017) | Download
Even more enhancements and bug fixes.

1.15.01 (10/01/2017) | Download
You can now restore or permanently delete files and folders from your Trash.
As always, various enhancements and bug fixes.

1.15.0 (10/01/2017) | Download
If you haven't purchased any of our subscriptions so far, now you can do so even more conveniently with your Google Play account!
As always, various enhancements and bug fixes.

1.14.3 (24/08/2016) | Download
Hotfix for possible crashes

1.14.2 (19/08/2016) | Download
Improved Auto Upload functionality
Fixed Export to pCloud functionality
Major bug fixes

1.14.1 (03/08/2016) | Download
Create download links for shared files and folders
Added language support for Farsi
Fixed Favorites behaviour when offline
Numerous other bug fixes

1.14.0 (03/08/2016) | Download
Handy control buttons while you are previewing your images!
Some bug fixing.

1.13.01 (03/05/2016) | Download
Bug fixes and optimizations

1.12.05 (29/02/2016) | Download
Numerous bugs and crashes were fixed.

1.12.02 (21/12/2015) | Download
Ooops! We forgot your favorite image viewer last time. Due to popular demand it's back! And now you can zoom!

1.12.01 (14/12/2015) | Download
Major design update. The app is more beautiful than ever before
Fixed critical crash issues for many users. Thank you for the patience!
Improved application speed and stability
Numerous minor bug fixes

1.11.1 (25/08/2015) | Download
You can now access and manage your Crypto Folder on your Android device!
Added smaller bug fixes, tweaks and usability improvements to make the app more reliable.

1.10.0 (03/07/2015) | Download
Fixed issue that was causing battery drain in specific cases. Sorry about that!
Added Invite to Folder support for Teams and Business users.
Photos opened in full screen can now be saved to the device.
Added a Cancel button to the download progress pop-ups.
Various performance improvements.
Please note that due to some improvements your account's loading after the update might take a few minutes to reload. Don't worry, this will be done only the first time you start the app!

1.09.03 (27/05/2015) | Download
Notification improvements
Bug fixes

1.09.02 (21/05/2015) | Download
Improved account loading
New icon design for files and folders
Bug fixes and optimizations

1.09.0 (03/04/2015) | Download
Better interface for inviting friends to folder
Improved shared folders management
Bug Fixes

1.08.11 (10/03/2015) | Download
Changed access permissions for "Invite to folder"

1.08.10 (10/03/2015)
Newly designed "Payments" pannel

1.08.09 (10/03/2015)
Small improvements and bug fixes

1.08.08 (10/03/2015)
Small improvements and bug fixes

1.08.07 (10/03/2015)
Automatic Upload improvements

1.08.06 (10/03/2015)
Minor bug fixes and improvements

1.08.05 (10/03/2015)
Minor bug fixes and improvements

1.08.04 (10/03/2015)
Minor bug fixes and improvements

1.8.3 (02/02/2015) | Download
Crash fixes
Bug Fixes

1.8.2 (02/02/2015) | Download
Fixed issue that causes account syncing problems for some users
Optimized application background work
Minor bug fixes and various improvements

1.8.1 (20/08/2014)
Various Optimizations
Bug Fixes

1.8.0 (20/08/2014)
New native Android design;
New multi select option;
Your active tasks are now in the left menu
Bug fixes and performance improvements

1.7.2 (20/08/2014)
Various Optimizations
Bug Fixes

1.7.1 (20/08/2014)
New Left Menu Design
Audio Player Optimizations
Bug Fixes

1.7.0 (20/08/2014)
New Audio listing
Bug Fixes

1.6.1 (20/08/2014)
New Chinese Language
Various Optimizations
Bug Fixes

1.6.0 (20/08/2014)
New Grid View in Filters for Images and Video
Improved Favorite Feature - listed by files and folders
Various optimizations
Bug fixes
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