Release Notes


1.24.0 (06/03/2017)
You can now log in the app using your Facebook account!
The usual under-the-hood improvements and optimisations.

1.19.0 (05/08/2016)
Users can select whether to switch Automatic Upload on for photos, videos or both.
Users can choose whether to run Automatic Upload on all content, or just newly created photos/videos.
Automatic Upload can now be enabled to start in the background upon change of physical location.
Users can create download links for files and folders that have been shared with them.
General stability improvements, usability improvements and tweaks.

1.13.0 (02/07/2015)
Added pCloud for Business support
Fixed a few issues with the audio player that caused the app to crash
Fixed an issue that prevented some devices from uploading files
Smaller bug fixes, tweaks and usability improvements to make the app more reliable

1.12.0 (30/06/2015)
You can now preview your recent activity in the new Notifications screen
Printing is now supported for images and pdf, html and plain text documents
Added support for AirDrop

1.11.10 (10/03/2015) | Download
Changed access permissions for "Invite to folder"
Bug fixes and usability improvements

1.11.9 (10/03/2015)
Bug fixes and usability improvements

1.11.7 (10/03/2015)
iPhone 6 Plus compatibility improvements and fixes
Bug fixes and usability improvements

1.11.5 (10/03/2015)
iPhone 6 Plus compatibility improvements
Bug fixes and usability improvements

1.11.3 (22/10/2014) | Download
Automatic Upload now works properly on iOS 8
Fixed a bug that prevented the app from uploading any files if the device had its 24-hour clock disabled
General iOS 8 compatibility improvements and bug fixes
Application is no longer compatible with iOS 6

1.10.0 (03/09/2014) | Download
New Folder search
Video re-encoding to iPhone-compatible video format if needed when exporting to iOS library
App content not visible in recently used apps when using pass code
Redesign Rename and Create Folder
Various optimizations
Bug fixes

1.9.3 (20/08/2014)
Improved database
Various Optimizations
Bug Fixes

1.9.0 (20/08/2014)
New Feature - pCloud can accept files from other apps
Improved Favorite Feature - listed by files and folders
Stability improvements
Bug Fixes

1.8.0 (20/08/2014)
Improved security methods
Optimized Battery Consumption
New Share Dialog
Various Optimizations
Bug Fixes

1.7.0 (20/08/2014)
New Playlists in Audio Player
Sorting of Audio Files by Albums and Artists
New Left Menu Design
Bug Fixes

1.6.0 (20/08/2014)
New Audio Player
New Chinese language
Bug Fixes

1.5.0 (20/08/2014)
New Pause/Resume Functionality
Various Optimizations
Bug Fixes
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