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48. pCloud ile ne tür dosyaları senkronize edebilirim veya yedekleyebilirim?
In general there are no restrictions on the file types you can sync with pCloud Drive.

However, there are exceptions:

Whenever you are syncing certain files types, which are utilized by a system frequently, conflicted copies might occur. A conflicted copy is a second version of a file that's being modified too frequently during the sync process. You will be able to recognize a conflicted copy of your file, as it will have the same name of the original version with the attachment of the word "conflicted". We do NOT advise syncing the following file types:

.pst, .ost, .git directories, hidden files, browser data, email client data

If the folders you're syncing contain such files, a workaround is to add them as Ignore patterns in during the syncing process. Ignore patterns are an Advanced Setting of pCloud Sync and allow you to exclude particular files from the folders you're syncing.
  • Righ-Click on the pCloud Drive icon in the system tray and choose Preferences
  • Go to the Sync tab and select Advanced Settings
  • Enter the name of the pattern you'd like to be Ignored and Apply the changes

Please note You have to set these ignore patterns before adding your folders for synchonization. Otherwise,pCloud Drive will NOT be able to exclude them.

If you have already created a sync, prior to setting Ignore patterns:

  • Stop the syncing process of the folder from the Synced Folders tab
  • Delete the excluded file types, which have been already synced in pCloud Drive.
  • After you're done, make sure to add ignore patterns for the excluded file types and add the folder again for syncing.