pCloud’s cutting-edge features, adjusted according to your business needs

A cloud for all your business needs

Keep all of your sensitive business data in one safe place – only accessible for people you give permissions to.

Replace exchanging tons of confidential emails with pCloud's integrated file sharing platform and control every bit of data that is shared.

Optimize your work process with easy collaboration and communication between users and teams.

One place to store, sync and collaborate on your business files with your colleagues

Create various teams with access permissions to ease the collaboration between the departments in your company.

Access your data using any device. With pCloud Business you can have your work documents everywhere with you.

Add up more users and space whenever you need. The pCloud Business scalable plan can be easily set to your business requirements.

Collaborate with ease, inviting employees in teams

Easy to use tools designed to help you control and optimize your workflow

Teams and access levels
Organize teams
Organize your employees in teams and set group permissions or give individual access levels where needed.
Shared folders
Organize shared folders
Optimize your teams' workflow with organized shared folders to control data access in and outside the company.
Comments to files and folders
Write comments on files
Take the opportunity to comment on files and folders to ease user collaboration and skip using unsecured chat platforms.
Activity monitoring
View detailed activity logs
Have all of your account activity recorded in detailed activity logs and access any previous versions of your files.

Share your business documents securely with colleagues, partners and clients

Work together with your colleagues

Share folders with your colleagues and flawlessly work on same set of documents.

Work with ease with partners outside your company

Invite partners to your folders for smooth and easy collaboration with users outside your company.

Exchange data with your clients via upload and download links

Send upload or download links to your clients to exchange data easily and speed up the work process.

Security and enterprise-grade IT technology suitable for businesses of any size

No need for dedicated IT department for storing your data on hard-to-manage in-house servers. pCloud does that for you, saving you time and money.

Your data is transferred to pCloud's servers via TLS/SSL protocol and is copied оn at least three server locations in a highly secure ISO certified data center in Dallas, Texas.

As a pCloud Business customer, you get pCloud Crypto for free with any user in your business account and use the maximum level of data security available on the market.

pCloud Business - Access your work files on all your devices

Use pCloud Drive on your computer

pCloud Drive lets you access your files as if they were on your computer, but without taking any space. Open, edit and save your work documents in the cloud using any software you have.

Use pCloud app on Android and iOS smartphones

With pCloud for your mobile device you can have your important documents available with you on any unexpected meeting.

Use pCloud web app on any computer

pCloud's web app on my.pCloud.com is supported on all popular web browsers. Manage and operate your files via an easy to use interface.

Try pCloud Business Free for 30 days!

1 TB storage and pCloud Crypto now included for each user in the Business Account
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