pCloud Pass (33)
5. What is an active device and how do I switch it?

An active device refers to the platform on which you use pCloud Pass, e.g., Windows, Android, iOS, etc. As a free user, you can have 1 active session for 1 platform. Let's say you use pCloud Pass on an Android device.

  • Case 1: You want to sign in to a second Android device. You'll be able to sign in, but you'll be signed out of the first Android device.
  • Case 2: You want to sign in to a Windows device. Since you are attempting to sign in to a different platform, your access will be restricted.

Free users, however, are allowed 1 free active device switch every 30 days. If we go back to our example, case 2, you'll be able to switch your active device to Windows. After that, you won't be able to switch between platforms for free in the next 30 days.

Premium users can use pCloud Pass on an unlimited number of devices without interruptions.