Up to 10GB Free for One Drive users

Get up to 10GB Free Cloud Storage with pCloud

Not just for a year, forever.

  • List CheckNo HDD Space Used
  • List CheckAccess and sync on any device
  • List CheckEasy to share and collaborate

Why choose pCloud

Work with flexibility and speed
Work with flexibility and speed, as if files were on your computer, but without taking any physical space.
Instantly access and synchronize files on all your devices!
Send documents, photos and videos to your friends. Sharing has never been so easy.
Get Maximum Protection for your most important files
Collaborate with colleagues on common set of files. All the data is synced to all your devices at all times.
"File security is what we were looking for when selecting a cloud storage provider. pCloud offered us the best. Also, pCloud Business makes our team collaboration seamless."
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"With pCloud Business the file organization in our Bulgarian and Romanian offices is effortless. Team management is flawless even for larger teams."
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"Unlimited upload file size made working with clients easier. We collaborate on large-sized media, such as high-res images, and we really needed such a possibility."
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