Note di Rilascio

Windows 7, 8, 10

3.6.2 (23/02/2018) | Download
Stability improvements

3.6.0 (22/11/2017) | Download
Added French and Spanish localization
Fixed multiple bugs

3.5.8 (19/10/2017) | Download
Fixed an issue causing some upload problems
Fixed minor crashes

3.5.7 (16/06/2017) | Download
Under the hood updates and improvements
Bug fixes

3.5.6 (02/03/2017) | Download
Added Facebook login integration
Added Clear cache and Move cache functionality
Fixed some more bugs

3.5.5 (13/01/2017) | Download
Important stability fixes

3.5.4 (03/01/2017) | Download
Automatic support for anonymous proxy configurations
Retention of dates on file uploads
Fixed a nasty memory leak
Fixed issues with synced folders
Fixed multiple application crashes

3.5.3 (23/11/2016) | Download
Upload/Download status is back in the application menu
Installation problems on some operating systems are resolved
Fixed a lot of major and also some minor issues

3.5.0 (06/10/2016) | Download
Added option to share your screenshots in one step
Simplified tray icon menu and mouse click actions
Open your Trash folder from Account tab
Added latest CBFS version (requires Windows restart)
As always multiple bugs were fixed

3.3.1 (05/07/2016) | Download
Added latest CBFS version (requires Windows restart)
Мinor bug fixes

3.3.0 (22/04/2016) | Download
Added File Status icons (system restart required)
Multiple minor bug fixes

3.2.4 (23/02/2016) | Download
Interface improvements
Creating links to your files and folders now works correctly
Issues with Sync folder functionality are fixed
Integrated new CBFS ver.6 (requires Windows restart)
Many other minor bugs fixed

3.2.2 (28/09/2015) | Download
Minor bugs fixed

3.2.1 (27/08/2015) | Download
Support for Windows 10
Support for Business Account shares
Full integration of File and Folder sharing
Upload and Download Links support
Integrated new CBFS version (requires Windows restart)
Multiple bugs fixed

3.1.1 (27/05/2015) | Download
Notification improvements
Bug fixes

3.1.0 (20/05/2015) | Download
Bug fixes and improvements

3.0.5 (30/04/2015) | Download
Applied latest OpenSSL updates

3.0.4 (29/04/2015) | Download
Bug fixes

3.0.2 (09/03/2015) | Download
Minor optimizatons and bug fixes

3.0.1 (19/02/2015) | Download
File system changed from Dokan to CBFS
pCloud Drive is now a network drive
Various bug fixes and stability improvements
Share permissions re-design and optimization

3.0.0 (02/02/2015) | Download
Introducing pCloud Crypto - client-side data encryption
Minor bug fixes

2.0.3 (12/12/2014) | Download
Installation Process Improvements
Optimizations and Bug Fixes

2.0.2 (05/12/2014) | Download
Performance Improvements
Bug Fixes

2.0.1 (28/11/2014) | Download
Minor Design Changes
Optimizations and Bugfixes

2.0.0 (31/10/2014) | Download
Introducing pCloud Drive - virtual drive functionality
New, more user friendly design
Sync optimizations
Various performance improvements and bug fixes

1.3.2 (18/09/2014) | Download
Fixed context menu
Fixed installation issues

1.3.1 (17/09/2014) | Download
New Share Option
New Share Management
New Shares Screen
Fixed Major Issue for Upload Speeds
Minor Design Changes
Optimizations and Bugfixes

1.2.0 (12/08/2014) | Download
Context Menu
Settings for Auto Start
Update Notification
Speed Optimization
Bug Fixes
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