pCloud - Your Personal and Private Cloud Storage Space

Your Files are Everywhere with You!

You can operate on your files and folders using pCloud web app's file menu

Have full control over your files everywhere

You can create archives, view history and revisions, create download and upload links and many more

Go to my.pCloud.com to preview, download or upload any file.

Manage and operate with your files in a easy to use interface.

Share files easily with whoever you need, and do a lot more in any of the popular web browsers.

Protect your Important Files Directly through your Web Browser

With pCloud Crypto you can guarantee the safety of your most sensitive information, such as your list of passwords and security codes, or your private media files!

Just upload them to your Crypto Folder via Chrome or Mozilla, and hide them from anyone else.

Using pCloud's encryption software you are the only one who holds the key to your online privacy.

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Crypto for web

Upload large files or entire folders from your computer or any remote location.

Upload any file to your cloud storage space. There aren't any size limits - you can upload your large images or videos or entire folders.

Save traffic by using the “download from a remote location” feature – just paste a link in the upload manager and the file will be downloaded in your account.

Upload any file to your cloud storage space, without any speed or size limits
The pCloud web app has a simple and easy-to-use upload manager

Listen to your songs with the built-in audio player.

The pCloud web app has a built-in audio player supporting playlists

Play your entire music collection directly in your browser.

Arrange and save playlists to use them on every device.

Listen to the most commonly used audio formats, including .FLAC, in the integrated audio player, while browsing through your files.

Watch your HD videos even on low speed internet connections.

With pCloud's adaptive bitrate streaming, the quality of your videos will be adjusted to your internet connection in real time.

Watch your videos flawlessly with the best-possible viewing experience.

The pCloud web app has a built-in video player supporting adaptive bitrate streaming

Enjoy all additional features in pCloud's web application.

Revisions and History
View the history of your file changes, open previous versions and restore them if necessary. History and old versions are available for at least 30 days.
Extract archives
Extract archives in your account without downloading them to your computer. Save time and traffic and let pCloud do the job for you.
Social media backups
Link your account to your social profiles on Facebook, Instagram or Picasa and back up all your pictures and videos in one safe place.

Get Started with pCloud’s Web App!

Go to My pCloud Get Started
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