Your Trustworthy European Password Manager

pCloud Pass helps you keep your passwords and gives you Instant SECURE access to them on all your devices. Log in to sites and fill forms with a single click.


A truly encrypted password manager

Unlike traditional password managers that store your passwords in plaintext, we use a military-grade encryption algorithm to store your passwords in the most secure way possible!

Secure access on any device

No more typing in long, complicated passwords or pasting them from random vulnerable places like emails or chats! You can log in to sites and fill out forms securely with just a single click. Available for all devices, browsers, and operating systems.


Create complex and secure passwords

Our password generator is incredibly easy to use and can create unique passwords for every one of your accounts – without you ever having to worry about forgetting them.

Make the switch

Level up your password security with a truly encrypted password manager. Import all your passwords from unsecured browsers, other password managers or with CSV file in seconds


Additional features

What’s coming next?
The features are listed in no particular order.