How does 2TB lifetime cloud storage sound?

Get it with pCloud and never worry about storage again!
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Why Lifetime plan?
500 GB
Premium plan
175 / once
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2 TB
Premium plan
350 / once
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Why Lifetime plan?
You don't need to worry about your files ever again-they will be kept safe and secure with us. For a lifetime! No monthly or yearly payments, no further costs, just one payment to get your lifetime cloud storage.
pCloud - among the top 5 in the world
With a user base of over 7 million worldwide and an industry-first LIFETIME PLAN, pCloud is a super secure online storage space for all of your memorable photos, videos, favorite music, personal and work documents.
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pCloud Core Features
  • Share Download and Upload links
  • Invite users to shared folders
  • Get detailed stats for your links
  • Public folder & direct download links
  • Password protected download links
  • Rewind account
  • Automatic Upload of your Camera Roll
  • HDD extension through pCloud Drive
  • File Versioning
Why is pCloud better than an external HDD?
Your files are stored securely on multiple servers.
You can access, use and share them from any device you own no matter where you are.
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Where to save your files from now on?
Here are just a few advantages of keeping your files in pCloud
Using pCloud
  • One-time payment only, storage for a lifetime
  • Never gets broken nor stolen
  • All data is backed up and you’ll never lose a file again
  • Access from anywhere
  • Easy sharing with friends, online streaming
  • Price per GB is significantly lower than the price of an SSD
  • Transfer data depends on your internet connection
Using HDD
  • 20% chance of breaking down the first year
  • Can be broken, stolen, damaged and etc
  • 2TB SSD costs over $700
  • Cost of information recovery is very high ($1000 on average)
  • You'll need a cabel to access your data