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75. How to search the contents of my files in pCloud?

pCloud's search tool can help you quickly get to the files you're looking for. If you're a pCloud Business user, you can search the contents of your documents. With Full-Text Search, you can use common keywords and phrases to find a document the way you remember it.

Note: At the moment, Full-Text Search is available only from (desktop version). To search the contents of any document:

  • Sign in
  • Enter the keyword or phrase in the search bar and choose the filter "Content"
  • Click "Search"

You will see your search results sorted by Best match. A snippet with a preview of your documents will also be available, to help you find the right match.

At the moment, you can search the contents of the following file types:

txt, text, brf, srt, pdf, ada, adb, cob, cbl, cs, d, e, el, for, ftn, f, l, lisp, m, pas, pp, p, clj, r, scm, tcl, yaml, vbs, bas, cls, dba, frm, frx, nb, vb, s, S, asm, dart, go, rhtml, phtml, pht, php, phps, php3, php3p, php4, php5, asc, atom, atomcat, atomsrv, es, rdf, js, json, xhtml, xht, xml, xsl, xsd, kml, kmz, xul, csh, html, htm, shtml, css, csv, py, scala, sh, p, pas, pl, pm, lhs, java, hs, h, h++, hpp, hxx, hh, c++, cpp, cxx, cc, c, d, diff, patch, sfv, htc, tcl, tk, mml, tsv, sct, wsc, rss, rb, sh, sql, dtd, doc, dot, rtf, xls, xlt, xlsb, xlsm, xltm, ppt, pps, pptm, ppsm, potm, docm, dotm, odg, odp, otp, ods, ots, odt, ott, pptx, ppsx, pot, xlsx, xltx, docx, dotx, pages, key, numbers, epub, azw, fb2, pdb