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28. How to set up the Crypto folder for my Business account?

Note: Only the owner of your company's Business account can set up the Crypto folder. If you're a Business user with non-administrator rights, get in touch with the owner to activate pCloud Crypto for you.

If you're the owner of your company's Business account:

  • Open pCloud (web, desktop or mobile) and go to the Crypto tab
  • Click Set up and enter a Crypto Pass and a Hint

Tip: We do not store your Crypto Pass on our servers. That's why make sure to enter a valid hint.

When you initially set up the Crypto folder, it will only be available for you to use. Other members of your company's pCloud Business account won't have access.

In order to activate pCloud Crypto for the rest of the Business account, you need to create encrypted subfolders and invite the members/teams inside. Learn how to share encrypted folders with users in your company's Business account.

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