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3. How do I register a business account?
To register a business account and use it as an administrator, go to and locate the Create a pCloud Business Account form. At this point you have two options – to create a new account, particularly used for business, or use your existing pCloud account.
1. If you choose the first option, fill in the fields with the following information: email address, password, repeated password, first and last name, company name and phone. The user you are registering will be the owner and administrator of the pCloud business account and it can never be deleted. Note that you will get a 1 month free trial for 5 users. Accept the pCloud Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy and Intellectual Privacy Policy and click the Start Free Trial button.
2. If you decide to use an existing account, click on the Use Existing pCloud Account tab and fill in your email address and password. Click the Log in button and start using the platform.