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3. How can I share folders with others?

There are several ways to share a folder:

Share a link:

Quickly share large files with friends and family, even if they don't have a pCloud account. Anyone with access to the link will be able to view and download the shared files from any browser.
  • Select the folder and open the more options menu (the three vertical dots)
  • Tap "Share link" and configure your link
  • Tap "Share link" to choose how to share it

Invite to folder:

Use the option "Invite to folder" to share private folders with other pCloud users. Control the levels of access by setting View, Edit or Manage permissions. Once the users accept your invitation, they will be ready to start collaborating with you.
  • Select the folder and open the more options menu
  • Tap "Invite to folder", enter the user's email address and permission level
  • Tap "Invite to folder" to send the invitation

File requests:

Receive files from anyone directly to your pCloud account. Your recipients will be able to upload files to the folder you're sharing without gaining access to your account.
  • Select the file and open the more options menu
  • Tap "Request files" and enter a message for the recipient
  • Select the way you'd like to share the file request link