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Get FREE pCloud Encryption with every 2 TB Lifetime Plan! One-time payment only!

No monthly or yearly payments, no further costs, just one payment to get your secure lifetime cloud storage.
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Enhanced file security with pCloud Encryption

Client-side encryption
Encrypt your files before they are uploaded in the cloud. Your data will remain encrypted on pCloud's servers.
Zero-knowledge privacy
Neither we, as a service provider, nor any authority or service, will ever have access to your files.
Multi-layer protection
Our encryption algorithms include a number of protection layers and keys. Only you have full control.

pCloud Features included with all plans


J Smith
"I love the pCloud Drive that acts as just my existing hdd works. It's simple and effective.. My favorite part of pcloud. Crypto and sync are good too."
Malte Lukas
"I like the simplicity and features of pCloud and would definitely recommend it to anyone. Customer support was courteous and efficient."
Lea VanTony
"Cost for this level of function and performance is unbeatable, IMHO. Run, don't walk, to take a long look at pCloud. I think you will love what you see these folks are offering."


Terms and Conditions

  1. This a limited-time promotional campaign, organized and run by pCloud AG, which ends on 02.12.2021.
  2. This promotion gives users the opportunity to receive lifetime access to pCloud's additional client-side encryption service, free of charge when purchasing pCloud Premium Plus Lifetime.
  3. In order to participate in the promotion, you must sign up for a pCloud account or log into a pCloud account through this promotional page.
  4. The offer cannot be combined with other currently ongoing promotions or active discounts.
  5. We have defined a lifetime account as 99 years or the lifetime of the account holder, whichever is shorter.
  6. If you cancel your Lifetime membership and decide to renew it later on, you will no longer be able to take advantage of this promotion.
  7. Participants can take advantage of the promotion only once. No plan transfers between accounts are allowed.
  8. By participating in the promotion, you agree to pCloud’s general Terms of service.
  9. Money-back guarantee is allowed only within the first 10 days, following the date of purchase. After this period expires, accounts are not subject to any payment refunds.
  10. pCloud AG at all times reserves the right, at sole discretion, to deny promotion participation and promotional prices to any individual.
  11. pCloud AG has the right to change these terms and conditions at any point in time.
  12. To the extent that these conditions do not cover certain situations, pCloud AG will decide upon a solution.