The pCloud Encryption Hacking Challenge


No one succeeded in beating our client-side encryption and getting 100,000 USD (or their Bitcoin equivalent)

100,000 USD prize
6 months
2860 participants
0 hacks
We are pCloud

We are confident that we have built client-side encryption software
that nobody can hack.

After 6 months of hard hacking efforts, nobody succeeded in breaking our pCloud Encryption! This once again proves Mnemonic's testimony that we have done a great job. You can be 100% sure that with pCloud Encryption, the files of millions are truly safe. Read more
Round 2 Challenge Credentials
Curious about what everyone failed to decrypt?
Account credentials from Challenge, Round 2:
Password: Crypt0R0und2
And the long awaited Crypto Pass is: k59balo5jfGGGp0ffr##VHKLzz100p
Find out who tried to hack our pCloud Encryption: Take a peek